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Black Smoke VS Ponies [Request] :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 17 14 Sunset Looking at a Sunset...with a Bird. :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 34 0 THIS IS LATE I'M SORRY D: (I added a Description) :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 16 2 Still New to Night-Time Lighting :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 24 10 I Don't Know How Cherry Blossoms Work :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 19 17 This is Also WAAAYY Overdue! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 12 13 So I guess I'm doing Request Now...(also I'm back) :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 19 16 Paper For Your Wall #2! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 25 22 Paper For Your Wall! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 20 13 GUESS WHAT'S BACK??!!? (CLOSED) :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 7 21 Granny Smith Preview :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 12 6 Bullet Necklace! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 32 19 So, Let's Talk About Blender... :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 6 17 Yeah, I know This is a Screen Shot... :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 7 17 FLUTTERDASH MOTHATRUCKAS!!! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 36 17 Hey, I haven't done one of these in a while! :icondakota4644:Dakota4644 19 51


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I'm a wumbologist at Wumbo University and I'm studying under Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick. I spend my life getting up, going to school, going back home, doing homework, eating, showering, then going to bed. I will repeat that process until I join the work force for the rest of my life. Other than that, I do animations/pictures...I can be funny at times...

That's all I got.

(My birthday is actually June 21, don't ask why it says July 19)

Check out my Youtube Channel...Even though there isn't that much stuff!:…

(I ship these two, but I couldn't find a proper button)



I know I didn't post at all this week, I've been pretty busy, but I'll be sure to post something, sometime next week guys :D
Black Smoke VS Ponies [Request]
Lyra "Hey guys, what's going on? Is there a Midnight Parade?! I want in! :dummy:"

I FINALLY completed this! xD I've been meaning to do this but I could never get the lighting right. Fortunately, I'm pleased with the way this picture turned out. This was requested by :iconnicolovisky:. "Black smoke is being chased by rainbow-cookie-eating zombie ponies. His mean of flee in terror!:D"

As you can tell...maybe, I tried to make the lighting a lot like the MLP universe, I even went through the trouble of adding on to a skycard/skydome I had on my computer. *NOTE: I DO NOT own the skycard/skydome, the link to the owner is right here:… if you wish to download it yourselves*
*ANOTHER NOTE: The rainbow mouth textures used in the picture are from :iconwapamario63: and they can be found here:…*

In other news, I'm planning on making an animation. Now I'm not going to go into detail on what it's going to be about because I have a horrible habit saying that I'm going to make an animation and not being able to do it, but I will say that it's going to (should) be funny. :) Hopefully I can ACTUALLY complete this one xD

But that's about it. If you have a request you would like to make or just some feedback on the artwork, then feel free to leave it down in the comments, I like hearing any advice on how I can get better at SFM. Take care guys :D
THIS IS LATE I'M SORRY D: (I added a Description)
I've been putting this off long enough, so here's the description. ^^'

As I mentioned in the most recent post that I've posted, I can't really make a proper description like I always do because I need to get ready for tomorrow, but basically I made this poster for :iconlinormusicbeatpone: for her birthday! :D So....Happy Birthday!!!!!! :dummy: xD and I hope you have many more to come :)

But that's about it for me, I'll catch you guys later :b
Sunset Looking at a Sunset...with a Bird.
My titles are the best, no one can deny that! :dummy:

So, here's the picture I was supposed to post yesterday but didn't because school and Homework so I'm posting it today and I will most likely be posting something else this week because I have some ideas and I want to share them with you guys! (Wow that's a lot) I can't really get into detail because I gots to get ready for the next day, but if you guys enjoy this or have any suggestions on how I can improve in the future, then feel free to post them in the comments below! :D

Have a good one :)
I got tagged by :iconkrida2:

I know, this took way too long for me to do, but I'm doing it now so here we go :dummy:

1. post these rules in a journal
2.write down 8 facts about your character
3.tag 8 other people
4.those who are tagged should be tagged via :icon:

1. My OC was first made by :iconredxannl:

2. Cyber's original hair was short (basically, the Rainbow Dash mane). I ended up changing it once I learned how to make OCs so her hair could be kinda long and shaggy, like mine IRL.

3. Her cutie mark is suposed to represent liking technology and being super fast.

4. When I was still new to the fandom and before she was made for SFM, she was going to have a back story and super powers. Something along the lines of "being electrocuted by magical lightning" (I was 13 when I made this, so don't judge), "Gaining super powers from said accident", and "having to save the world" yada yada yada.

5. At first, instead of Rainbow Dash's hair she was going to have Big Mac's hairstyle. Like this.

6. Her original name was going to be Blue Ice, but I started to realize that she didn't have an ice cutie mark and the name would make no sense. After a long time of thinking and some help from this lovely person, Cyber Bolt was decided and the name stuck.

7. Cyber has one sibling (an older brother) and one parent (her dad). She also has a fillyhood friend. I plan on introducing them a little later on.

8. Cybe's personality is an awkward, funny weirdo who likes to fly, play video games, guitar and work with computers. She is super nice and chill about a lot of things, but she can be a savage when she wants to. She's kinda like a hipster, but not as bad. She also likes to watch the older episodes of Spongebob and this strange show called "My Little Humans"...weird I know.

People I tag: RedxanNL pinkiedash1255 P4W3S0M3-CL4WZ yellencandy dogboy357 MyLittlePinkieSFM Spidsish Gen-ma 

Just something for fun. If you don't feel like reposting feel free to ignore. As for other that would like to do this and wasn't tagged, go for it. Also, if you've already done it before then you don't have to do it again :)

Have a good day! :D
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